My Pledge to Referring Doctors

When you offer your patient a referral to our office have complete confidence they are treated with the care they deserve. My endeavor is to exceed not only your patient's expectations but your own high professional standards.

Any referral may be made through fax (214) 614-4181 or our HIPAA secure email:

My professional pledge: Realizing the privileges and opportunities that have been given to me in my study of the art and science of orthodontics and appreciating the significance of the degree which has been conferred upon me, I do hereby pledge that I solemnly accept my responsibility to my patient, to make available to them the best of my knowledge and skill, and to maintain a relationship with my patient which will warrant their trust and confidence. I will diligently uphold the dignity, honor, and objective of the dental and orthodontic professions and will continually seek to attain the newest knowledge and skill upon which my competence and the prestige and progress of the profession depend. I will further commit myself to the betterment of my community for the benefit of all society, I will strive to reflect the standards of excellence set forth by my antecedents and will faithfully observe the Principle of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct set forth by the profession. All this I pledge with pride in my commitment to the profession and public it serves.