Providing Exceptional Results with DAMON® Braces in Irving, TX 

Our Irving, TX specialist also provides the DAMON® System braces. This advanced orthodontic technology optimizes the straightening process, making treatment efficient and comfortable. There are also specially designed tooth-colored DAMON brackets and wires make achieving a straighter smile more discreet while adding further effectiveness.

Traditional braces are replaced with self-securing or self-ligating braces that may reduce discomfort from "tightening." DAMON braces are passive and completely tie-less to secure the wire. The usual elastics and metals have been exchanged for unobtrusive door sliders.  Not only does this mean that there is nothing for Dr. Matthew to tighten, but it also reduces chafing on the lips and inner cheeks.

DAMON brackets are much smaller than traditional brace brackets and can improve hygiene and comfort. They are designed to reduce plaque build-up around the brackets and make home hygiene much easier.  Plaque build-up can quickly lead to decay–especially for those wearing braces—making easy cleaning even more critical.

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