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Irving Orthodontics offers a wide range of solutions to straighten teeth, including lingual braces. Our experienced team is committed to developing a treatment plan that will meet your needs. Lingual braces can be combined with other orthodontic measures if this better suits your smile.

Lingual Braces for Discreet and Effective Teeth Straightening

Adults who want straighter teeth may avoid treatment because they are hesitant to wear metal braces. There are a few effective alternatives to traditional metal braces. One of these options is lingual braces.

What are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are an orthodontic approach that places the brackets and arch-wires behind teeth, rather than the front. This allows the mechanics of the braces to work behind the scenes, while your teeth discreetly become more uniform.

The placement and operation of traditional braces and lingual braces are similar. Lingual braces may not be suitable for people who have a deep vertical bite, as the positioning of the teeth, in this case, does not allow for the effective placement of lingual braces.

Benefits of Lingual Braces

Traditional metal braces are highly visible and can cause staining on teeth as well as irritation around the lips and cheeks. Here are the main advantages of lingual braces:

  • Invisibility
  • Same treatment time as traditional braces
  • No cheek or lip irritation
  • Simultaneous treatment of both arches

Enhanced self-confidence is another benefit of treatment with lingual braces. The ability to gain a straight smile, without the world having to know, also adds a level of convenience to this option.

What is Involved in Receiving Lingual Braces?

The procedure for placing lingual braces is similar to the procedure for placing traditional braces. Initially, x-rays and bite impressions are obtained to create your appliance.

Customized brackets are created at our trusted lab from the bite impressions. Once the brackets are ready, they can be cemented to the back of each tooth. An arch-wire is threaded through the brackets to apply constant, gentle pressure to the teeth, moving them into proper alignment. Regular orthodontic adjustments are necessary to assess your progress and replace the arch-wire(s).

Though lingual braces are generally comfortable to wear, speech may be affected for the first days after placement. Stringy food like celery should be avoided, as this can easily become wrapped around braces.

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Our lingual braces patients have been extremely happy with their results. The discreet nature of this orthodontic approach and the added comfort factor are excellent reasons to consider lingual braces.