Early Orthodontics

Early Orthodontic/Phase I (One) Treatment in Irving, Texas

When should a child first see an orthodontist? The American Association of Orthodontists recommends your child's first appointment at seven-years-old (7-years-old) when the first permanent teeth are starting to erupt. MOST OFTEN Drl Matthew Schofield does NOT recommend significant treatment at this age, but there are children who benefit tremendously from treatment when young. The first phase of treatment is proactive and focuses on correcting growth, development and eruption problems that CANNOT be corrected as well or as easily during adolescence. At Irving Orthodontics, Dr. Matthew provides early orthodontic intervention to improve the development of the jaws, the growth of the teeth, gums, and bone, and to prevent impaction of adult teeth (teeth getting suck).

What is Phase One Treatment?

Early orthodontic intervention is sometimes needed to provide ideal dental function and dental development for your child. Dr. Matthew performs a thorough examination of your child’s bite and teeth to determine the treatment plan that meets their unique needs. 

At this exam, also we also explain the specific dental growth patterns your child is likely to experience with and without treatment. 

Non-Invasive Care to Correct Your Child’s Bite 

Once we have determined the best approach, we have our trusted lab craft a custom appliance(s). At their follow-up visit, your child’s treatment may begin with a palate expander and/or braces.

Palate expanders are affixed to the teeth of the upper arch and are regularly adjusted to widen the upper jaw and allow the adult teeth to erupt comfortably. Dr. Matthew prefers using unique expanders that are either "automatic" and do require "cranking" like a typical expander or have a very gentle expansion that is easy to express.

The Benefits of Early Orthodontics

Phase One orthodontics allow us to reduce the severity of treatment your child may require later in life. It often produces changes that CANNOT be accomplished later. Early orthodontic care ensures that braces are completed more effectively during the adolescent phase of care, and the treatment results are typically maintained quite well until adolescence even without retainers.

Surprisingly, younger patients often find the treatment more enjoyable than teenagers, as braces can be seen as a mark of maturity, and can be customized with their favorite colors.  

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