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At Irving Orthodontics we specialize in comprehensive orthodontic care treating dental alignment, malocclusions and orofacial disharmony. We offer to “Maximize Your Smile’s Potential” by guiding your teeth and jaws into a more confident, functional and healthier smile. This is done through gentle, affordable and inspiring treatment with traditional braces, clear aligners (Invisalign), self-ligating braces (DAMON) or clear braces.

For Dr. Matthew Schofield, orthodontics is more than just straight teeth; it is the potential to increase your quality of life and enhance your health through dental and jaw alignment. Our specialty treatment is offered to the entire family: children, teens and, of course, adults. Most insurances are accepted and we offer flexible in-house financing, extended payments, CareCredit, LendingClub and more. Y más - el doctor habla español.

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Our Essence

Your Smile Is Our Specialty! - We do not exist without you, our patients whom we consider friends and family. Our specialized effort and care are taken to provide you with exceptional and inspiring treatment. You are part of our team during the entire Smile Journey.

Maximize Your Smile's Potential! - Within everyone, there is the opportunity to build an incredibly confident, healthy and beautiful smile. Using the resources you've been given, Dr. Schofield can create a natural expression of your best self with a smile that truly represents you.

Straight Is Just the Start! - The skill and beauty of orthodontic treatment go far beyond haphazardly straightening the teeth. The key to ideal orthodontic care, as in Stephen R. Covey "7 Habits of Highly Effective People", is to Begin With The End In Mind. Our treatment involves how dental and jaw alignment can optimally affect your health, your profile and your quality of life.

Orthodontics isn't one treatment we provide, it's the ONLY treatment we provide! - Orthodontists are specialty trained dentists who have expertise well beyond what a general family dentist receives in dental school or continuing education. In fact, our office has been providing specialized orthodontic care since 1982! Considering the investment of time, effort and money you put into your orthodontic treatment, you deserve to be treated by an orthodontic specialist who can ensure the highest quality results.
It is our sincere pleasure to treat the patients of Irving, Texas. The diversity, industry, and beauty of this city truly represent our country as a whole. Whether you're a multi-generational Texan or a first-generation immigrant, we look forward to making you part of our orthodontic family.